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Steven Seagal                                              Bruce Lee                                                                            

Chuck Norris                                               Jackie Chan

Jet Li                                                           Don "The Dragon" Wilson

Sonny Chiba                                                Tony Jaa

Other                                                           Non - Martial Arts Films                




Unleashed (Danny The Dog)


Transporter, The (2002)                                                                      The Transporter                           


Kiss of the Dragon



The One


Kung Pow


Enter The Dragon


Black Mask



Rush Hour



Rush Hour 2



Born To Defend


Who Am I



Romeo Must Die



American Ninja



Lone Wolf McQuade


BloodFist 1


Inferno (Operation Cobra)



Forest Warrior


Nico: Above The Law


Out For Justice


Belly of the Beast




Review's Coming Soon


Hard to Kill



Under Siege


Bodyguard From Beijing


Cradle to the Grave


Sonny Chiba

The Street Fighter


Sister Street fighter



Once Upon A Time In China 1



Once Upon A Time In China 2



Once Upon A time In China  3



Beverly Hills Ninja



Marked For Death



The Patriot



The Foreigner



Mortal Kombat 2: Annihilation



The New Legends Of Shoalin



The Chinese Connection



Fists Of Fury







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