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Martial Arts Scenes 10
Action Scenes 10
Storyline 10
Overall 10/10


When I got this movie I knew it would be a good movie because of Jet Li, I had read the story line and I thought to myself that the fight scenes probably wont be as impressive as Kiss of the Dragon. When I watched it the fights seemed to get better and better, they were so good I was actually jumping out of my chair that's how good they were. Jet Li seemed to be able to take on any opponent like he was invincible - and that is his best type of role in MA movies. He did the same in Kiss of the Dragon, a warrior that could not be beaten not even by a room full of foes.

If you look at Kiss of the Dragon (KOD) and Unleashed they are quite a like not storyline wise but how they are set out  - in KOD he has a huge fight at the start then through the middle we get to know the characters  then towards the end we get a awesome fight scene(s).

Once fight scene to look out for is the one where Jet versus the man in white , I'm not sure what style he does but it looks like Tae Kwon Do to me, I saw this movie on DVD (not sure if uncut or if there is a cut version at the moment) so if you happen to see it cut make sure you see it in its full glory .

This formula works great in MA films and for Jet, another thing to note is any movie with Luc Besson directing, screen writing or whatever seems to be a masterpiece. The Professional , The Transporter , Kiss of the Dragon and Unleashed are all masterpieces - well to me they are.  

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