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Martial Arts Scenes 10
Action Scenes 10
Storyline 10
Overall 10/10

He's a cop. It's a dirty job..... but somebody's got to take out the garbage.

This would have to be my favorite Steven Seagal Film out of the ones I have seen. Great story, music, action and martial arts.

He has done heaps of Aikido choreography in this one he even added a little escrima scene in it, the fighting is A+  stuff and the enemy is very believable, the end fight scene is very violent and graphic (DVD version) this one is probably the most violent out the other's if seen uncut. Brilliant Martial Arts film a Steven Seagal Classic, also listen to the music, the music in these films and other Seagal/action films made around the same time have great action music a example is Commando (Arnold Swarchenegger ) good music all the way through.

Download the DVD cover here