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Martial Arts Scenes 9
Action Scenes 9
Storyline 9
Overall 9/10


Chuck Norris (Walker Texas Ranger) and David Carradine (Kung Fu: TV series in the 70s) star in this western/MA movie, I was a big fan of Walker Texas Ranger (well I should be because it use to get screened about 1:30 in the morning and I never missed a episode). This movie is very entertaining it has some great MA scenes and lots of action, Chuck Norris is great and shows his MA skills, David Carradine uses kungfu but there are many people on the internet that question his skills, It's been rumored that the final fight scene began as rehearsed but turned into an actual fist fight between them. Chuck Norris once said "David Carradine is as good at Martial Arts as I am at acting". Other cast are Robert Beltran (Commander Chakotay off StarTrek: Voyager) and and very sexy Barbara Carrera.

I really enjoy these old MA films.

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