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Martial Arts Scenes 10
Action Scenes 10
Storyline 9.5
Overall 10/10



This is one of my most favorite Martial Art movies and my favorite Jet Li movie at the moment. Kiss of the Dragon is set in France (a change from America, finally), the enemy's are the French police and Jet is a Chinese police officer sent to France with little details about his mission.

Jet Li is very energetic in this film fast and very powerful, this show everyone that he can still fight just like his earlier films. The martial scenes in this film are so good I probably watched this movie about 20 times, the scene in this police dojo with the Karateka's with the escrima sticks is done very well, this film has some of the best scenes around, but many reviews on the internet say this movie is not good well I think they just don't like a good martial arts action movie.







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